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Horny Russian muscle jock cock needs stroking

Duration: 11:59 min | Released: September 21, 2017

Handsome and buff Russian muscle jock Alexei Vasiliev is home from the gym and all he can think about is satisfying his hard 7-inch uncut cock. Even though the handsome young man is straight, he's the kind of straight jock who wouldn't mind having your mouth around his shaft to help him get that hot milky load pumping. His powerful body is amazing, his balls perfectly pink and suckable, his long intact cock soon rock hard and oozing precum as he slowly strokes and pleasures his throbbing erection and thinks of something horny, finally leading to pleasure rushing through him and semen splashing from his hooded tip to decorate his smooth abs. Enjoy his amazing performance and stroke along with him to the sticky end, thinking about what he would let you do if you were there.

Cast: Alexei Vasiliev

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