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Fisted like there's no tomorrow

Duration: 15:36 min | Released: November 1, 2012

Those who like something a bit harder will certainly find this fisting scene to their taste. When he is allowed to suck his master's pierced dick, young skinhead Ben quickly becomes a devote slut. The dominant Robert, however, has other things in mind for his little toy. Lying down in a medical chair, Ben has to swallow a full load of piss, before his owner gets stuck into Ben's greedy hole. Thorough anal stretching with a giant dildo is on the agenda, before the passive slut is ready to be fisted…

This scene shows sexual practises which should be viewed as unsafe (fucking without a condom and fist fucking without latex gloves) and could lead to infection with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore please do not regard this scene as an incitement to imitation, but protect your life by using condoms during sex and by other means like latex gloves during fist fucking.

Cast: Ben Armstrong, Robert

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