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Tommy Hunter’s XXL weapon fills the boy’s ass

Duration: 20:47 min | Released: December 28, 2023

Casper Ivarsson gets an invite he'll never forget when neighbor Tommy Hunter returns home to his apartment and lures the young man inside. The boys are perfectly matched, in more ways than are immediately obvious. Once they've made out and become familiar with each other their smooth and fit young bodies are slowly revealed, athletic and lithe, sporty and smooth. Their engorged cocks are next, and the two are impressed by what they find. Casper has a gorgeous long and throbbing erection ready to be truly appreciated by a fellow dick fiend, but Tommy's extra large teen cock is truly a thing to behold. With a little friendly dick play, stroking and frotting their shafts together, the boys get their first taste of each other, greedily licking and sucking on their generous inches while they swap their manhood. With the taste of clear cock juice on their tongues the boys make their way to the bedroom where Tommy takes aim at the the tight little hole presented to him. He eases inside, making young Casper moan and groan with pleasure, filling the young man with his incredible bareback inches. The boy has never felt anything like it before as Tommy rams into him and slides out again, his balls swinging with every thrust. Casper's little hole takes an amazing pounding, but as he lays back and shoot his juices from his dick while Tommy's extra large teen cock erupts cream over him, he knows it was worth the discomfort.

Cast: Tommy Hunter, Casper Ivarsson

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